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Contact Details

Woodhouse Middle School,
Woodhouse Lane,
Email:  office@woodhouse-middle.staffs.sch.uk


Welcome To Woodhouse Middle School



Academy Conversion Proposal

Information regardng our proposal to convert to Academy Status can be found here

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Woodhouse Express


Take a look at what some of our Y8s got up to in Wales last week




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  Vision Statement
To develop an inclusive community of young learners that takes an active and cooperative approach in extending and developing their learning. We expect everyone to pursue high standards of achievement whilst showing respect for themselves, for others and their environment.



Our Aims

  • To ensure that all young people, regardless of background or ability, have the very best opportunities in life and achieve the highest personal academic standards.
  • To promote an effective curriculum that incorporates stretch and challenge and develops excellent levels of literacy and numeracy.
  • To nurture pupils' physical, aesthetic, moral and spiritual development.
  • To promote pupils' aspirational expectations and prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.
  • To constantly develop our skills and focus in learning and teaching.

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